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Creative photography has been my major interest for the last 35 years, and in that time my images have been seen in International photographic exhibitions throughout the world. I have gained the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), and have been awarded Master of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (MPAGB), Master of the Photographic Society of America (MPSA) and the European equivalent of the latter (EFIAP).

Photography as an art

I like to think of photography as an art. Although I can visualise the results I want, I was never any good at drawing or painting. In photography, however, I am able to translate my ideas into reality

I originally worked with transparency film, sometimes creating images by combining up to 12 pictures. More recently, I have turned to digital production, using Nikon gear and Photoshop. The images on these web pages are a combination of both processes.

My photos have won several awards over the years, but my greatest pleasure is when a new image that I have produced is accepted into an exhibition. I feel strongly that photographs should be viewed by other people, hence the creation of this web site.

Get in Touch

Thank you for visiting my pages and viewing my work. I hope that you enjoy at least some of the images here. I would be delighted if you can find time to leave feedback on the final page. Any of the photos here are available for sale as prints, and if you wish to buy any, please contact me on cowdreymike@aol.com for details.






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